2 pack of BetterBack Plus (up to 42" waist)

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  • BetterBack Plus is 2x the size
  • Making it perfect for folks with up to a 42" waist
  • Mammas or anyone looking for an extra-big bear hug for their back. Made with high-quality
  • Durable materials and extra-thick foam
  • BetterBack Plus costs less than a trip to the chiro but will last you for years.
  • Ease back pain and retrain your posture in just 15 minutes a day!

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"I'm pregnant with #3 and have a history of back pain and a job that keeps me typing at a computer for hours on end. Just slipping the Better Back on made it immediately better!

- Joscelyn Alexander

No Detail Spared

"I recommend BetterBack to my patients. It gives them a stress free, pain free way to sit throughout the day and re-educates them on how to sit properly.”

Hear about the benefits of BetterBack from Dr. Craig Antell