How to Wear BetterBack

Here's a helpful guide for wearing BetterBack. As always, if you have any additional questions (or just want to say hi), shoot us a note!

1. Unpack

2. Wrap

3. Stack

4. Clip (Optional)

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How-to Video

Tips & Tricks

1. There’s no universal “right” or “wrong” way to wear your BetterBack.  It's all about finding the perfect fit for you!  Don’t be afraid to play around and adjust throughout the day.

2. Try wearing the back pad higher up on your back until you find just the perfect spot.

3. You may need to literally sit on the edge of your seat to place both feet flat on the floor.

4. You can wear BetterBack cross-legged too!

Warning: It is not safe to wear BetterBack while driving.