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You must be frustrated. Let’s get you fixed up as quickly as possible. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions, but please feel free to ping us at hi@getbetterback.com for help on anything and everything.

Where is my order?

You'll receive an email when your package has been picked up by the courier. If it’s been more than two days (or three if you ordered late on Friday), please drop me an email to make sure something didn’t go wrong when you placed your order. Once your package is picked up, you can expect the below average delivery times depending on where you call home:
• USA // 2-5 business days
• UK // 2-5 business days
• EU // 7-21 business days
• Rest of world // 21-30 business days
International delivery times are longer than usual due to heightened global security + finicky customs processing. We thank our friends around the world for their extra patience! *Some international couriers may take up to 30 business days, unless tracking information indicates otherwise.


How to Wear BetterBack

Take a look at our how to video which has some helpful tips and tricks to get the perfect fit for you! There’s no universal “right” way to wear your BetterBack. It's all about finding that perfect place of comfort and support based on your body and chair height. Don’t be afraid to play around and adjust your BetterBack throughout the day. Below are some quick tips to help you as you start on your perfect posture adventure with BetterBack!


Place both feet flat on the floor (it's ergonomic!).
  2. Wrap the back pad around your body and hook the knee pads over your knees (or over your shins; whatever is more comfortable).
  3. Tighten the straps so the knee pads stay put on your knees, but it's not tight. Then, lean your chest forward and grab the adjustable leg straps.
  4. Pull on the straps to tighten while you sit up tall. 

You should feel a tremendous amount of comfort and support. Now, play around with the back pad being higher up or lower down on your back.

If you'd like help holding your legs together, use the center clip on your right leg strap. All you do is slide the left strap into the center clip to hold your legs together without effort. You can pull the center clip towards your body or towards your knees — whatever is most comfortable for you!

Another handy trick: if you need to stand up, you can use the center clip like a belt: pull it close to your body and slide the entire left loop into the clip.

Something fun to try: wear your BetterBack while sitting cross legged on the floor!


Can I wear BetterBack for more than 15 minutes?

BetterBack is safe and comfortable to wear all day long. We recommend starting out with 15 minutes a day because it takes time to build up your posture muscles. Do you think Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson started lifting weights like Hercules? Nope.

 If you feel sore, give your body a rest and know that you’re activating muscles you probably haven’t used in awhile. If 15 minutes feels like a breeze and you want to keep wearing your BetterBack:  ENJOY! The key is to listen to your body.

Defective Products

We would love to help you swap out your damaged BetterBack for a fresh one. It's pretty simple, really! Just take photos of the defect and shoot me pics at hi@getbetterback.com with your order number. I’ll get back to you straight away.

Returns & Refunds

For purchases made on our website, please fill out your return request here: https://returns.aftership.com/getbetterback.com

For purchases made on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, please email us at hi@getbetterback.com