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Really great
"It is really great. It took me a few days to get used to it, but now I find it incredibly comfortable and really takes the pressure off my lower pack. I also regularly use Betterback, all zipped up, as a cushion behind my back. Highly recommend. "
Peter K.
I like BetterBack
"BetterBack really helps my posture and support my back when I'm sitting on chair. I'm using it every day now."
Takuji N.
have not received it
"hi, can you help me follow up with this order i have not received it yet :( thanks"
Nadya C.
"Hi Katherine I love BetterBack I bought the four pack one for me two for my daughters and one for my parents. I’ve used it for sitting at my desk on my computer I’ve used it even for driving my truck although it’s not designed for this purpose I somehow managed to adapt it and just general use tv meditation it’s great! I first saw u on shark tank and I was amazed by your energy and passion and was sold instantly thanks so much for your invention your a super star! Lots of love Costas. "
Costas C.
Might just be a game-changer
"Only been using for a couple of weeks so can’t comment on long term use but so far this seems very well designed and made, exactly what I needed to stay focused and comfortable when having to put the hours in at my desk. If you travel it makes any terrible chair bearable, also works great for meditation. If I had to nitpick, it can be a little fiddly when adjusting between different setups and if you get up to walk around every 15 mins or so but I does feel like it trains you to sit properly without it and the pack away convenience more than makes up for any minor issues. Highly recommended."
James W.
A No Show
"I have found that the device has helped with my back. However I haven't received the heat pack yet. I think if it ever arrives (ordered November 3rd) it will make the the experience even better. John Hawke"
John H.
Great product
"It has made sitting for long periods much more comfortable, it feels strong and compact. Thanks a lot! "
Mark H.
"This is just beautiful stuff. Watch out Amy Cuddy's TED talk on how posture affects self confidence and you'll love it even more. "
"improved posture...."
Bharat S.
"A couple of years ago i had a back surgery ( microdiscectomy ) so trust me when i tell you i know all about back pain & its remedies.. Even after surgery i still feel nerve damage..leg pain was chronic on a daily basis whenever i sat down for more than 2 hours.. so after all the good reviews, decided to give betterback a try.. The very first time i used it i felt immediate relief.. i could feel all my body aligning to a perfect position, without any effort or pain,, even when i am not using it, i could feel my body getting used to sit in that same position, the natural perfect posture... you walk different, you stand different, i even breathe differently! & when you get all these improvements, you just have a better life quality Overall I am seeing great results, instant pain relief in a natural, practical & most importantly drug free remedy! My only regret about betterback is not giving it a try sooner!"
Adrian M.
Thank you for the product!
"Yes - it improved my posture and made sitting correctly a natural thing :) However it's a little bulky - not too easy to bring around"
Alina M.
My back is Better
"My pain has definitely been a lot more relieved since using the BetterBack 15-30mins a day for the past few weeks. I started using it more often especially when I’m using my computer. Great Product!!!"
Long T.
Simple and Effective
"I'm almost half way into my forties and my body is starting to complain about it. Mild back aches, a pinched nerve in my shoulder, the need for and upgrade to a properly cushy-yet-supportive mattress to sleep on, etc. Pretty normal stuff for people in this age bracket based on what myself and my friends are experiencing. I've recently started my own business and depending on the day, I might spend anywhere from 6-12 hours sitting at my desk. Needless to say, an ergonomic desk and computer peripherals can only do so much. BetterBack has helped to start to re-teach me how to sit properly in order to alleviate my back discomfort. You can feel the difference immediately and it's amazing but let me tip you off to the fact that years of slouching will have left your core and your back muscles weak. Getting those back into a strong and fully engaged state will take time. Start with short sessions with your BetterBack and work up to longer periods of time. Day by day you'll be restoring your body to a state where sitting will no longer equal discomfort! The future senior citizen version of you will thank the forties version of you for your efforts! "
Lori A.
Unbeleivable Product!!!
"There is nothing else to say other than this products works....period. I felt instant relief and my work days are pain free from my terrible posture. If anyone is considering this product, stop considering it and just buy it. You will not be disappointed at all!."
Persistent back pain relieved within minutes
"BetterBack has greatly improved both my posture AND my back pain."
Sam F.
I’m buying a second set for work
"It work very well. Very easy to adjust. Very comfortable and supportive. The improve poster increase my productivity at work as I don’t have to strain my back to sit upright all the time. I also have spondylitis and I hope in long time this can help me return the spine to the correct curvature."
Murhamdilah M.
"I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your team for creating and bringing this product to market. I am 25 years old at the time of this writing and have had back pain since I was 16 years old. I have been in and out of different chiro offices for the past 9 years only to have the same results over and over again, taken muscle relaxants, high strength CBD oil, massage therapy and now started yoga. NONE OF THESE HAVE HELPED AS MUCH AS ONE DAY OF USE WITH THIS PRODUCT! While those treatments do work for some, they did not really for me, having to pay $45+ per visit for most of these things adds up. Paying for this product once and having it work makes me want cry tears of joy. Super skeptical at first, but now I am a big time advocate of this, I have convinced everyone in the office to purchase one. Thank you so so so much again. I would hug you if I could!"
Mitchell Baldissera
"I immediately felt supported wearing BetterBack for the past 2 weeks, however starting 2 days ago I’ve had excruciating lower back pain. I bought BetterBack mainly to improve my terrible sitting and walking posture. I have never had lower back pain or seen a doctor for back pain, so this is new and very scary and worrying. If you have any ideas on what I should do please let me know."
Gary G.
Instant reflief
"Popped my back 2 weeks ago taking bowling balls out of my SUV. Been on ice pack for two weeks with minimal pain relief.. Got my Better Back tonight 10/30/2018 and used it and got immediate relief. Got to be one of the best back pain cures ever constructed. Have already recommended it to one if my bowling partners. He has been with sciatic pain for several months and I'm sure this will help. We are both in our mid seventies so we have both have seen several back "cures", but I feel this is the best solution so far."
Robert Erlanger
Computer user back pain... Relief!!
"I just got my Better Back Therapy about two weeks ago and have been using it at my desk for the past week. I work on a computer and was starting to feel the keyboarding posture taking over my life. I saw this product on one of the morning talk show deals and decided to try it. Definitely, a good choice as I feel that it is helping me to improve my posture when sitting at my desk and through that, I am eliminating a lot of the pain I was feeling. Thank you!"
Karen S Kersten
Got this for me, my wife uses it instead
"I've been experiencing back pain for over 2 months. Posture wasn't so great when working, especially my work involves sitting for over 8 hours a day. Have only been using it for like 3 days, but I've felt significant improvement over these couple of days. Been using it the whole workday. Will recommend it to everyone."
Bramantyo S.
Betta Back
"A month ago I visited my son and was having problems with my back whilst I was there. He had purchased your Better Back some time ago, and set it up for me, the effect was immediate. I ordered it for myself, it is fantastic, I put it on most days. I'm doing the gardening again - i'm a fan. I will be 80yrs. next birthday."
Faye C.
Excellent posture correction
"I love how the BetterBack brings my body into its best posture. I have scoliosis and it takes the chronic pressure and pain away when I am using it. I would definitely recommend it, and I bought one for a friend who spends a lot of time sitting at a computer. "
"I've had this product for around a week, and love it. I put it on and keep it on for around 15 to 30 mins. My back feel so much better i can actually get up from a sitting position without looking like i'm 80 years old. this is a great product, and would for sure recommend this product to anyone with back issues. I've had years of back problems. As a truck driver and heavy equipment operator i've destroyed my back bouncing around in a truck and equipment, I've also done damage playing sports, and this is helping my emensly, and love your product."
Garry Walgren
"Betterback definitely improved my posture. Hopefully it will help me develop new healthy habits for my back."
Philippe L.
Great alternative to expensive chairs
"It helps me with my posture while sitting. It is good."
Martin B.
Better Back
"Love this product. My body feels really good after wearing just a few minutes. Would recommend ."
Michael Goodman
Better bak
"Yes it is awesome!"
Jacob C.
Great equipment
"Hello. It has improved lot. My problem is shorter right leg and problems in right knee. That is why I tense the lower back muscles. And so on hip and neck problems. Your BetterBack has helped and teached me to relaxe muscles. I am very very happy, I bought BetterBack. Sincerely Kai R"
Kai R.
Great product!
"This product has literally changed my professional life. I can now sit hours without my back becoming tired. I have already bought it for 3 of my friends! :) "
Daniel F.