The Posture Peanut

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The Posture Peanut is a game changer when it comes to self-massage. If you’ve ever found yourself rubbing your own shoulders or neck after a long day, this is for you. Using a wall or the ground, roll out and release your posture muscles to reduce tension, aches and pain + increase mobility. 

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Why you’ll love the Posture Peanut:

Why you’ll love the Posture Peanut:

>> Back and neck pain relief--through pressure point therapy aka massage you’ll see some serious pain relief

>> Increased flexibility and better posture--when you’re in pain, stiff or tight, you will slouch or overcompensation with other muscles which makes things worse...through the Posture Peanut self massage, you’ll be able to stand taller in perfect posture

>> That AHHHH moment--nothing feels better than getting a sore area rubbed out