Did you know that health insurance companies often cover a part or full cost of your BetterBack? Isn’t it that great?! Here’s all the information you’ll need to fill out the insurance forms required.

Insurance companies will sometimes deny “retroactive authorization requests” unless they are deemed “medically necessary and urgent”. This means that you can decide whether you want to get authorization before or after you buy your BetterBack.

To get reimbursed by your insurer, you or your Durable Medical Equipment (DME) dealer will need:

  1. Specifying reference for BetterBack
  2. Specifying a particular diagnostic code:
    • 742

      Other and Unspecified Disorders of Back

    • 724.0

      Spinal Stenosis, Other Than Cervica

    • 724.1

      Pain In Thoracic Spine

    • 724.2

      Pain Low Back

    • 724.3


    • 724.4

      Thoracic Or Lumbosacral Neuritis Or Radiculitis, Unspecified

    • 724.5

      Backache / Pain Vertebrogenic (Postural), Unspecified

    • 724.6

      Backache Sacroiliac Disorders of Sacrum

    • 724.8

      Other symptoms Referable To Back Pain

    • 724.9

      Disorder other and unspecified

    • 846

      Sprains And Strains Of Sacroiliac Region

    • 847

      Sprains And Strains Of Other And Unspecified Parts Of Back

    • 847.2


    • 847.3


    • 847.9

      Separation (Rupture) (Tear) (Laceration) or Strain (Sprain)(Avulsion)(Hemarthosis) unspecified

    • 911

      Superficial Injury Of Trunk

    • 911.8

      Other And Unspecified Superficial Injury Without Mention Of Infection

    • 959

      Injury, Other And Unspecified

You might also need the Billing Code: L0625 Lumbar orthoses (LO)

You can print a copy of the codes on this page to give to your healthcare professional.

Don’t let back pain make you feel helpless. BetterBack can help!