How much should I wear BetterBack?

BetterBack is safe and comfortable to wear all day long, but even 15 minutes a day can greatly improve the quality of your life.

Will I look stupid wearing it?

It's hard to believe, but most people don't even notice when you're wearing it. I sit through meals, meetings and flights with BetterBack on and it's only when I'm taking it off that people tend to notice it, with a "you've been wearing that this whole time?!!" The thing that tends to happen next is someone shares their story of back pain and asks to try it on. 

How comfortable are the knee pads?

I have absolutely terrible knees (at one point I was put in two leg casts because of feet and knee injuries, later having surgery on my right knee). We spent a lot of time designing the knee cushions so that the force was widely distributed and comfortable for people who have knee problems *and* back problems.

How do I wear BetterBack cross-legged?

Wearing BetterBack cross legged is easy peasy. Sit on the floor cross legged like you'd do without BetterBack. Then wrap the back pad around your back and loop the knee pads around your shins. Pull on the adjustable leg straps until you feel perfectly supported. Fold the loose straps into two to shorten them and then slide the straps in the clip to keep them flush against your legs. Enjoy! 

Can I wear BetterBack while I drive?

Unfortunately, no. BetterBack is not safe to wear driving, or when you need quick leg mobility. It is great for sitting at your desk, eating, meeting, going to a movie, sitting on an airplane, meditating, etc. Note: you can wear BetterBack cross-legged! 

I'm short and the straps are long; help!

We got you! Once you adjust BetterBack to the perfect fit for you, fold each strap in half and then tuck the doubled strap into the clip to keep it flush against your leg.

If you want them even shorter and you feel like MacGyver, you can cut the excess strap length (we recommend keeping at least 6" more than you need so you can easily pull the straps to adjust) and burn the end with a lighter. This will fuse the fibers so they don't fray.