Ease back pain naturally

Why do 75,000+ people from 115 countries love their BetterBack?

Why do 75,000+ people from 115 countries love their BetterBack?


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Check your posture right now

Stuck sitting all day? Our bodies aren't designed for it. Slumping turns into aches, which turns into pain... and then chronic pain

Introducing the #1 back support + posture trainer

If you’re slumping, sore, stiff or in pain, BetterBack can help.


"I recommend BetterBack to my patients.
It gives them a stress free, pain free way to sit
throughout the day and re-educates them on how
to sit properly." image Dr. Craig Antell, Ambulatory Orthopedic Rehabilitatiion

Simple pricing. Amazing value.

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Single Pack of BetterBack Plus

  • Adjustable for a custom fit up to a 55” waist
  • Broad sitting support
  • Max support

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Super easy to use

You can put BetterBack Therapy on in 5 seconds flat... for 10/10 comfortimage


No detail spared

Made from ridiculously high quality material that will last you for years, and yet costs less than a single doctor’s visit, massage or chiropractic adjustment.


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People in over 115 countries rely on BetterBack for back pain relief.