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Better Back Plus
"I have not seen the shark tank episode or follow anything about this product, saw it on an ad and decided to try it out. Set up was easy and you can feel the difference almost immediately! I workout a lot and do a lot of studying and my back is always spent and tired when I put it on my back feels great! Great product and I got one for both my parents!"
"Great product. Improved my posture instantly and is great to use while studying for exams! Highly recommend it."
Bryan Le
"Life Changing"
"Surprisingly comfy, super portable, extremely well made. Helps my back a lot in this one horrible chair I have and haven't replaced yet."
Andrew Cozzens
"I was getting tired of slumping over my desk all the time and I was wishing someone had something that would help me to stop doing that. You did. I like sitting up straight. I feel so much better and yes I think it has removed my neck pain as well."
Renita Farrall
"Great. Love it and will be buying more as gifts."
Ofir Vaisman
"I use BetterBack every day when I'm sitting in my chair. I forget about it soon after and I noticed it made my posture when I'm not using it better."
Daniel Kagan
"Enjoying my BetterBack and using it regularly. I’ve had a couple of friends try it & they already ordered their own 😀"
Don Clarfeld
"Awesome product! I use it all the time. Can’t live without it!"
Aleksandr Galinskiy
it was perfect !
"first of all, i want to say i am sorry for late response, i was busy on my schedule. So, thank you for inventing this! i had so much trouble for my backpain since about 4 years and have been searching a better lumbar support throughout those years. im even made a pillow custom that i can bring if i was travelling. as soon i get your betterback, i had used it to my flight to India and South Korea. it was perfect. however, at first, as you say on your youtube, for the first setting, it was kind a bit of intimidating but it was manageable. after you set it, then we can use it about 10-15 seconds. in plane, so i was used it for a long haul flight, i was a big person. Height 180 cm, weight 110 kg. for my backs it was perfect to made the posture, i do experience when i used it, since my thighs are so big, the belt made my leg go side ways, it was like im squatting. so if i was sleeping on the flight, i manage with my mes belt, binding my legs for keeping it in position even if i was a sleep. it was a hustle, but it was worth it for my back. i havent got a chance yet to test with the gel pad, since i feel my back better. i will tell you as soon as i wear it. Thank you for your invention and your cooperative service! "
Henry R.
Works great.
"My hours now spent working in front of a computer are less stiff and painful. I had good posture prior however a lower back issue with degenerative disks. I was taught a stretch that this Better Back does all on it's own and it is helping a little bit keep me limber and less stiff when I get up. "
Michael H.
I've got your back !
"I now can sit with a consciousness & trust that my back is being supported. It is a constant support & reminder to sit up straight & sit back into the Better Backs support brace. "
Philp P.
"Quick & easy to use, feels comfortable and improves posture while sitting for long periods!"
Mr Peter Scrimshaw
"Feels really good! I’m sure it will take a while to cause permanent changes"
Patricia Reno-Davis
"Hello, i like the product very much, only issue i have is since i am 5'11, i wish the straps were a little longer for me to adjust. Maybe there is a certain height limit, but otherwise i do see the difference in my posture after only using it for 2 days. Great product, keep up the great work."
"Very happy. Thank you"
Instant back pain relief!!
"I just received my BetterBack and it has instantly reduced my back and neck pain. I work 8-10 hours a day at a desk and suffer from a degenerative spine. I’ve struggled to find something that reduces my pain, is affordable and transportable. I highly suggest you buy this! You won’t be disappointed."
Easy to Use
"The product is easy to use and gives immediate results. I'm impressed."
"It is good to relief back pain"
A Life Saver!
"I have serious back issues. I've had 2 back surgeries (fusions) plus numerous spinal injections and ablations. I am still very active and can walk and stand fairly okay, but sitting in a chair is really challenging for me. Prior to getting my BetterBack I could BARELY stand up after sitting at my desk for even 10 minutes and I literally hobbled for the first 10-15 steps. Now there is NO pain while sitting (a miracle right there), I have NO pain as I stand up, and I can walk away from my desk just fine. I LOVE this thing! LOVE it! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!"
Linda Larsen
Wow, Beast ever invention for Meditators
"What a blessing....I have been looking for a product that allows me to sit on the floor in meditation without pain for years. This is it...not only is it portable , usefull on all manner of seating but it also supports the knees, hips as well as the back for sitting in meditation. I suffer from mild scoliosis , and as I age meditation gets harder on my body now I have a secret support that will take me to the end of my life. Thank You sooo Much..."
Ani-Tsunma Jamyang Donma
"I ordered two. The standard size has been sent to a friend who has just returned from holidays to try it. The second order was for the 2 x bigger version for me. I cannot believe the difference it has made to my upper back and shoulder tension, tightness and the incredibly sore butt I used to get sitting for prolonged periods in front of the computer. From the moment I first put it on and adjusted it, I have felt the improvement. Well done! Congratulations!"
Maureen Buckingham
Worked for My Back
"Been using one of these for over a year when I sit at my desk at work. What a great product."
Henry Fatino
"I bought Better Back for my husband who has suffered with back pain for many years. When he got it he had just hurt his back again shovelling snow. He put it on and immediately gave a sigh of relief. We were out last night and he couldn't wait to get home and put it on. I have never seen anything that has given him that kind of relief so quickly."
Lee Ann Lyness
"LOVE, LOVE, THIS PRODUCT. it really does the trick helping you to sit up straight especially when sitting for long periods of time. Highly recommend it."
"Easy to navigate"
"I haven't had it long enough to determine if it has improved my back pain/posture. I do know that it feels good to take the 15 minutes after a long day on my feet. It quickly makes a difference in how my back feels. I'm still working on the degree of tension and finding a good chair at a good height to sit in while using it. I was impressed with the packaging, loved the big envelope it was sent it and the BetterBack itself is very well made and sturdy. Loved the little note cards inside. I would definitely recommend this to family and friends."
Jodi Miller