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"Definitely enjoying my Better Back purchase. My back feels better"
Robin J Trulen
"Surprising me. Look forward to putting it on after my workouts. Awsome product"
James Hynes
"Great product, especially helpful with back pain on long plane rides."
Russell Owens
"Obrigada equipe do BetterBack por solucionar todos os problemas que tivemos durante a "viagem" do nosso paccote. Todos foram muito atenciosos, educados e nos ajudaram para que tudo fosse correto. O produto é maravilhoso e estamos usando todos os dias para melhorar nossa postura e alivio da dor nas costas."
Miguel A.
"Helps my sciacta!"
Jo Lae
"Keeps you upright. Very comfortable"
Intelligent design and easy to use
"I have been doing work on my posture since college; dance technique, yoga, Pilates are incorporated into my workouts and I get rolfing, chiropractic and other forms of body work frequently. So I know a lot at least about my posture issues and have pretty high standards. I try out a lot of devices, MBT shoes, body rolling, Voodoo floss and PT tape and usually get something out of them, but this is by far the best think I have tried for changing deep ingrained misalignments easily but profoundly. I wore Better Back on a two hour car ride to the country and got out of the car better than I had when I got in! For me it really relaxes the tightness in the ITB, TFL, hip rotaters and tight QL that prevent activation of the midline and core. AFter wearing, the whole hip area is relaxed, walking is easier, and the usually inactive muscles of the core, Transversus and obliques are much more able to be available. Kudos to Katherine for giving us this treatment. I can only imagine how many prototypes to get to this one. So easy to use too. I actually can't wait to get up and wear it cross legged for a little tune up before I walk dogs in the morning. I could go on and on. Bottom line -- buy one for yourself and everyone you know!"
John Burton
Great product!
"The brillance of this product is that it gently nudges you and reminds you to maintain a good posture. As opposed to other products that fixates you in a certain way, the BetterBck entrains your muscles to do the job in a natural way."
"Fabulous! Comfortable compact and great packaging!"
"Gives temporary relief from back pain without any medication."
"My back is already feeling better. I was visiting my family and was helping clean the house for sale. Sure glad it came in the mail before I left. Helped so much. Janet"
"It eases my lower back muscles and automatically corrects my posture with no stress and without slouching. I recommend wholeheartedly!"
"The website was very informative and the instructions for using your product was very good. The customer service agents were excellent and when I had a query were very prompt in replying and providing answers - thank you."
"Excellent website, great customer service and brilliant product. Thank you"
"product review: Posture fixing magic wand. Would recommend for anyone that needs any type of back or foot support."
Fantastic product! :)
"I've been dealing with a pretty severe back issue for the last 3 months. Started off as a pulled back muscle and turned into a sciatic nerve issue (to the point that I had to receive a cortisone injection for the pain). This is the first day that I've used this product. I work as a secretary at a high school and I cannot express how great this works! It's instant support while sitting and for as much as I've told myself to have better posture, it MAKES you do it in a completely comfortable way! I've used it for a couple of hours today and am grateful that I got it! The only small thing I noticed (and I don't know if it can be done because of everyone's difference in size) is to shorten the extra long straps on the side. I have an extra 1.5 feet that I'm not quite sure what to do with. I tried to wrap it up in the clip, but it doesn't always stay. I'm a 5'10" female. The excess strap length is the only negative that I noticed, but it's not a huge deal."
Colleen E.
my back seems to on track !
"have started using my betterback ... feels the difference... thanks for this simple and useful product:)"
Really good!
"I experienced instant relief. My body loves it. Will be buying several for Christmas presents this year."
Jamilah Sabir-Calloway
"I found it easy to place my order. The product has been working out great for myself too. I love how it is self contained and I can take it anywhere easily. Very helpful and feels like I am doing something good for my health."
"Seems to be working well so far"
"This little thing is pretty amazing. I work from home full time at a desk all day long, which for you fellow sedentary office workers - you know what that does to your back. Even though I am very healthy and active, I was once 100 pounds heavier. I suffer from Degenerative Disk Disease, and I am consciously working on my posture. The Better Back looked complicated when I first opened it, but once I understood the set-up, I realized it was not complicated at all. The knee pads looked very thin, I wondered if they would be effective in keeping the strap padded against my joint. Well, it absolutely was. It was very intuitive in regards to adjusting for my size.i didn’t use any instructions, and I had it on in a few minutes. Once it was adjusted, around my back and knees, I felt instant relief in my SI joint. I couldn’t believe it! And the first time I used it, I didn’t realize that the two leg pieces clipped together, which was fine. (Did I mention I didn’t look at the manual? Doh.) But once I clipped them together, it was instant relaxation- sitting up with perfect posture took absolutely no effort and put no strain on anything. I didn’t even have to use the seat back of my chair. I use it every day, sometimes a few times a day. After about 10 or 15 minutes or so, when I get tired of sitting (relatively) still, I take it off and my back continues to feel relieved well throughout the day. When it first arrived, I’ll have to admit I was a little disappointed to realize that the unit itself zips into a carrying case, and I thought having the case on the other side of the padding would make it uncomfortable. Fortunately, this wasn’t the case at all! Honestly, the design of this is just so ergonomic and ingeneus. Really well done! And believe me when I say I don’t botmally give such glowing reviews. But this product is really awesome. For a moment while I was waiting for it to arrive, I did have a little buyers remorse regarding the cost, but my fears were totally abated once I started using it. Than you SO much!!"
"Awesome! Was seeing chiropractor 2-4 times a month depending on my just BetterBack a good stretch and I am full functional again"
"Sitting on my computer all day, you can feel the relief this gives you. All you have to do is not use it for a few days, and you'll see what you're missing."
Life changing!
"The moment you put the product on, you'll feel the support on your lower back which then help you relax while sitting... And after using the product for a while, your body automatically adjust to that posture even your not wearing te product because of that relaxed feeling it gave. Highly recommended!"
"I love using it while at my computer! Because I am sitting properly my neck no longer hurts after I have spent time working at my desk. Worth every penny!"
"I used better back during a long flight to Australia. It worked very well and I know it was extremely helpful for my back issues! I did not get any back issues during or after the flight, which was awesome!"
Really helps my posture
"I am ready to start using it more than 15 mins per day, it really helps my posture."
"Its fantastic !"
Alena McElroy
Instant Relief-Thanks!
"I just got this in the mail today and tried it right away and felt instant relief. It really does support your lower back and it's comfortable. I am leaving on a long drive today and am so glad it arrived before we left so I can wear it in the car(I'm not driving) This will also be in my carry on bag when I take my trip overseas. Flying always kills my back due to sitting so long and I have been dreading the flight but I think this might make the flight more manageable. Thanks for a great product!"
Maria White