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Love it!
"Yes helps me sit up straight"
Neel T.
Michael Miller Betterback review
"Betterback provides great support in almost any chair. There are a lot of back pain relief aids out that make big promises. Most don't deliver. I have had Betterback for about a month and still use it almost every day. "
Michael M.
It works
"Yes. It relieves the pain."
Mrs P.
Youssef A.
Great product!
"Yes. But mostly for the time I am wearing it. I am hoping the posture becomes a habit regardless of me wearing BetterBack. I would want to be able to wear it for longer duration. 15 minutes/ day is not enough to make it a habit. Great product!"
Rasesh G.
Very surprised with the results!
"I’ve purchased a lot of products, books and dvds to help ease my back aches. I received BetterBack” a couple of weeks ago. So far, it is the best product to bring immediate relief for my lower back pains. I have introduced it to a number of people and they have all asked me for the link to order one for themselves. I may just order another one, to leave in the office, instead of bringing it back and forth from home. Thank you. "
Ijen H.
Wonderfull posture fix
"The BetterBack is an awesome product which improved my posture and works great for back-pain! I would recommend this product anytime!"
Tom K.
I have been having trouble
"I have been having trouble with carpal tunnel (actually its the ulnar nerve) so it starts in my neck and back and extends down to my ring and pinky finger. Since wearing better back, my posture has improved and has relieved my nerve pain. I used it while using my computer and at my desk while making jewelry. It is wonderful! "
Emily W.
It was exactly what I was looking for
"I use to have a bad posture during work, now I feel wonderful and remain on a chair more time than before"
Wish I'd had this as an airline pilot!
"Feels wonderful! In my second career as a professional voicevoice talent and audiobook narrator I actually sit almost as much as I did as an international airline pilot and Better Back makes it possible without pain!"
Pamela A.
Betterback helps during work time near computers and playing games at night
"betterback has helped me alot during night time playing games from my laptop"
Abdulla A.
no backpain from now on
"clearly, yes. no doubt"
Yunseok J.
"Just got it for posture improvement"
douglas C.
"Oh my goodness, why has it taken me this long to find something that truly helps my posture and achy back? My BetterBack is doing the trick! I love it so much that I make everyone who comes to visit try it out. Their reactions are always hugely positive. Doubting Thomases beware! The minute you attach your BetterBack, you will be amazed at how you feel. I am a wildlife painter and spend many hours a day sitting (used to be more like slumping) at my easel. Now I am sitting MUCH straighter, and when I stand up, I am standing much straighter too! I am THRILLED with the results. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!"
Laura R.
"I am a video relay interpreter of the Deaf. I sit for 5+ hours everyday. I purchased a Better Back, let some of my coworkers use it and two of them purchased one!!"
Julie T.
"This thing feels great. I no longer feel guilty sitting and doing crossword puzzles."
Paul Kalkstein
"Definitely enjoying my Better Back purchase. My back feels better"
Robin J Trulen
"Surprising me. Look forward to putting it on after my workouts. Awsome product"
James Hynes
"Great product, especially helpful with back pain on long plane rides."
Russell Owens
"Obrigada equipe do BetterBack por solucionar todos os problemas que tivemos durante a "viagem" do nosso paccote. Todos foram muito atenciosos, educados e nos ajudaram para que tudo fosse correto. O produto é maravilhoso e estamos usando todos os dias para melhorar nossa postura e alivio da dor nas costas."
Miguel A.
"Helps my sciacta!"
Jo Lae
"Keeps you upright. Very comfortable"
Intelligent design and easy to use
"I have been doing work on my posture since college; dance technique, yoga, Pilates are incorporated into my workouts and I get rolfing, chiropractic and other forms of body work frequently. So I know a lot at least about my posture issues and have pretty high standards. I try out a lot of devices, MBT shoes, body rolling, Voodoo floss and PT tape and usually get something out of them, but this is by far the best think I have tried for changing deep ingrained misalignments easily but profoundly. I wore Better Back on a two hour car ride to the country and got out of the car better than I had when I got in! For me it really relaxes the tightness in the ITB, TFL, hip rotaters and tight QL that prevent activation of the midline and core. AFter wearing, the whole hip area is relaxed, walking is easier, and the usually inactive muscles of the core, Transversus and obliques are much more able to be available. Kudos to Katherine for giving us this treatment. I can only imagine how many prototypes to get to this one. So easy to use too. I actually can't wait to get up and wear it cross legged for a little tune up before I walk dogs in the morning. I could go on and on. Bottom line -- buy one for yourself and everyone you know!"
John Burton
Great product!
"The brillance of this product is that it gently nudges you and reminds you to maintain a good posture. As opposed to other products that fixates you in a certain way, the BetterBck entrains your muscles to do the job in a natural way."
"Fabulous! Comfortable compact and great packaging!"
"Gives temporary relief from back pain without any medication."
"My back is already feeling better. I was visiting my family and was helping clean the house for sale. Sure glad it came in the mail before I left. Helped so much. Janet"
"It eases my lower back muscles and automatically corrects my posture with no stress and without slouching. I recommend wholeheartedly!"
"The website was very informative and the instructions for using your product was very good. The customer service agents were excellent and when I had a query were very prompt in replying and providing answers - thank you."

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