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Physical therapists have something to worry about!
"I've had stenosis and scoliosis for years. Bought this wacky device on a total lark. Literally 3 days later, pain and and posture have done a 360. Astonishing! It feels so good to wear too. Watch out yoga teachers and PTs."
Works good
"Feels good sitting behind desk. Ever considered having it strap to waist? Its a pain to have to re-adjust every time you get up out of chair to take a call or get a drink."
Craig A.
Don't buy a knock off version. The Better Back is WORTH the investment.
"This product is freaking amazing. I workout 6 days a week and own a business, so I'm on my computer for HOURS every day. My back pain from poor posture started to get in the way of my workouts. Everything was always tight. The only way I could find an ounce of relief was from my wife giving me a massage. Even then, the relief lasted for 5 minutes and my back tightened up again. I asked for the Better Back Therapy from my brother for Christmas, and he got me a 12 dollars knock-off version. It didn't work. Same thing. My back still hurt every day. I just had a gut feeling about the Better Back. So I ordered the Better Back Therapy and even before I tried it on, I could tell this product was exponentially better quality. I've had back pain every single day since 2011. 8 years. I've been using this product for 3 days now and my back pain is COMPLETELY GONE. I don't write reviews very often, but this product is so amazing that I needed to share this. I'm so grateful for this product and I will continue to use it every day. "
Brad Bizjack
Best purchase!!
"I had to have an emergent discetomy in June and then a revision at the end of December. We ordered Better Back while I am on leave from work recovering from surgery. No exaggeration since donning the brace I am sitting more comfortably than I have in months!!! I would normally stand to do everything because sitting in a chair, floor, couch was so uncomfortable and put my spine in a flexed position that I did not want. Better Back changes all of that, I can sit with my spine fully supported in extension with no pain!!! Definitely recommend!!"
What a difference!
"I saw this on Shark tank, at this point I will try anything...really bad. I have Sciatic Nerve Pain causes by herniated spinal discs and inflammation. For the majority of people, sciatic nerve pain is caused by a herniated disc in the back, which means a disc in the spine develops a slight crack or tear. That is me, I had surgery 20 years ago and have to be careful now that I am 56 years of age. I have been using Better Back while I work at my desk for about 3 days and already I was able to work in the yard, load up my truck with yard depress and unload it at the transfer station on my own!!! Wow, this is such a BIG help! I needed this to help keep mobile. It really works!!! Thank you Better Back!"
johnna B.
Great resource for hyper-mobile hips
"My joints and muscles are effected by my pelvis becoming misaligned due to flexibility. Having a quick way to align my pelvis and spine immediately reduced pain and allows me to do strengthening exercises without fearing I will exacerbate this issue. I am definitely experiencing improvement with better back 😊"
Sheri H.
Fantastic Product
"The BetterBack is amazing! I've had back pain for a couple of years and this instantly relieves the pain when I'm using it. My posture feels much more proper with it as well. Their customer service is also fantastic! Would absolutely recommend!"
"One of the best purchases I made all year"
Tony Martin II
I love BetterBack
"As I write this review I am sitting with my BetterBack on. It's one of the best purchases I've made this year. I've struggled with back pain since I was 14 and nothing has helped as much as BetterBack. My posture has definitely improved and other people have noticed. I bought BetterBack for my families grab bag this Christmas and it was the most sought after gift! I would recommend BetterBack to anyone and I frequently do. "
Sara P.
"I was given this product as a gift from my significant other and it is a game changer. I am an on the go woman who works in an office and at home and this product immensely helps support my back. I am 24 years old and recommend this product to everyone! It doesn't matter your age or gender! This product works and will change your life for the better. I have had Sciatic pain, and I currently have chronic back pain and scoliosis. With this product I have no pain in my back with sitting down for long periods of time. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"
Brianna Lopez
SuperStraps made a difference
"I just got back from a 6 mile hike and the Superstraps without a doubt made a difference. I just ordered a 2nd pair. I have wide backpack strap and with the adjustments, the Superstraps worked perfectly."
Sid Scheck
Great product to remind you to have great posture!
"Better back has improved my posture by implementing healthy habits! Also great customer service and communication all around!"
Harry M.
"I have purchased almost every craze out there that claims to help with back pain and thought... What the heck! Why not BetterBack. The skeptic in me was Definitely shocked after the first 15 minutes of wearing. I'm a 52yr female with chronic lower back pain and neck pain along with terrible posture. I have only recently purchased BetterBack but can already feel the difference in the way I sit and stand. It actually makes you want to correct all those bad habits when sitting and standing. I highly recommend BetterBack for everyone with or without issues. "
Cheryl H
"Hope you are well, I used your product couple of weeks now, which is really helpful and I feel the difference between the system being on or not. I use it for work everyday with my Minaal daily bag??"
Daniel Cheung
"My wife loves the straps. Says it�s a noticeable difference after extended use. She said where normally after wearing the pack for two days it would be completely uncomfortable and would be changing positions but with these it was smooth sailing and never had any discomfort. You guys made a great product. Big pat on the back. Thanks again!"
Jeffrey Edwards
Straps worked
"Got my replacement units in a week's time! Kudos to the support team! The straps worked just fine for me."
Joo Yeong
Really great
"It is really great. It took me a few days to get used to it, but now I find it incredibly comfortable and really takes the pressure off my lower pack. I also regularly use Betterback, all zipped up, as a cushion behind my back. Highly recommend. "
Peter K.
I like BetterBack
"BetterBack really helps my posture and support my back when I'm sitting on chair. I'm using it every day now."
Takuji N.
"Hi Katherine I love BetterBack I bought the four pack one for me two for my daughters and one for my parents. I’ve used it for sitting at my desk on my computer I’ve used it even for driving my truck although it’s not designed for this purpose I somehow managed to adapt it and just general use tv meditation it’s great! I first saw u on shark tank and I was amazed by your energy and passion and was sold instantly thanks so much for your invention your a super star! Lots of love Costas. "
Costas C.
Might just be a game-changer
"Only been using for a couple of weeks so can’t comment on long term use but so far this seems very well designed and made, exactly what I needed to stay focused and comfortable when having to put the hours in at my desk. If you travel it makes any terrible chair bearable, also works great for meditation. If I had to nitpick, it can be a little fiddly when adjusting between different setups and if you get up to walk around every 15 mins or so but I does feel like it trains you to sit properly without it and the pack away convenience more than makes up for any minor issues. Highly recommended."
James W.
A No Show
"I have found that the device has helped with my back. However I haven't received the heat pack yet. I think if it ever arrives (ordered November 3rd) it will make the the experience even better. John Hawke"
John H.
Great product
"It has made sitting for long periods much more comfortable, it feels strong and compact. Thanks a lot! "
Mark H.
"This is just beautiful stuff. Watch out Amy Cuddy's TED talk on how posture affects self confidence and you'll love it even more. "
"improved posture...."
Bharat S.
Great quality
"Quality wise is very nice, worth the money, it might be uncomfortable to someone but it definitely wasn't creator's fault. Don't regret to back it, nice concept, well done."
Hendry Chen
shoulder feel free
"Thanks , SuperStraps So cool, my back and shoulder feel free"
Love SuperStraps
"Love my super straps! Thanks!!!"
Jose Figueroa
so beautiful
"I just got it today and it is so beautiful! I cannot wait to use it on my backpack soon. Perfect time....for my upcoming travel! Whoop!"
"A couple of years ago i had a back surgery ( microdiscectomy ) so trust me when i tell you i know all about back pain & its remedies.. Even after surgery i still feel nerve damage..leg pain was chronic on a daily basis whenever i sat down for more than 2 hours.. so after all the good reviews, decided to give betterback a try.. The very first time i used it i felt immediate relief.. i could feel all my body aligning to a perfect position, without any effort or pain,, even when i am not using it, i could feel my body getting used to sit in that same position, the natural perfect posture... you walk different, you stand different, i even breathe differently! & when you get all these improvements, you just have a better life quality Overall I am seeing great results, instant pain relief in a natural, practical & most importantly drug free remedy! My only regret about betterback is not giving it a try sooner!"
Adrian M.
"I recently went on a 4 hour car trip. Normally I would have to stop every hour or two to stretch my back. When getting out of the car, it would take me a minute or two to straighten up and walk without pain. I decided to use the BetterBack on this trip to see if it would help with this situation. We drove 2 hours without stopping. When we did stop and got out, I didn't have any pain or stiffness at all. I also found that I do not have stiffness anymore when getting out of bed in the morning. I use it for awhile in the morning while watching the news and at night while watching TV."
Lynn S