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Better Back
"Have not received as yet."
Kathleen M.
Instant Comfort
"It is great! Communication with the team is so easy and they care! The product just instantly makes me feel that my back is taken care of when I'm sitting at my desk. It has really made me aware of my posture. Great product! "
Sarah Phelan
Passed it around book club -- 5 stars!
"We had a book club retreat and I brought this along. Everyone tried it and everyone swears they'll be ordering one ASAP. It felt different to everyone but always positive and improved feeling while sitting. "
Ryan P.
Amazingly designed product
"I've been attending PT 2X/wk to tune up my aging (68yo) body because I recently asked my body to single-handedly manage a 9.5A horse farm in addition to work my regular job that requires sitting all day. My body is responding beautifully to PT, but my posture has been slow to respond. I have used getBetterBack every time I have sat for any length of time for only 2days. Today I wondered why I found myself walking across open uneven ground with ease AND a bounce in my step. getBetterBack is responsible. It is the only change in my routine of 6 wks. I also want to comment on how well designed the product is by way of a good laugh I just had at myself trying to locate the product's pouch to pack for my work week. I finally found it as an integral part of the product, the back support panel. The materials are strong and beautifully finished. And I appreciate the basic black/gray colors which will not draw undue attention everywhere I will use it. Many thanks for recognizing such an elegantly simple remedy for bad posture."
Rhonda Payne
Better Back review
"I’m still working on it. Can’t expect overnight improvement. I like how easy it is to use and 15 minutes is easy to do. Also like the way it folds up for travel."
diane l.
Driving posture
"I’m dealing with sciatica, which I’ve never had before. I read that it takes time, so it is still on going. Using BetterBack is helpful when I drive, mostly. "
Susanne A.
BetterBack works great!
"Yes, it relieves back pain quickly"
what I've been looking for
"Finally something that works for my posture. Over the years working at my desk job poor posture has been my nemesis, causing all sorts of health related issues. So far so good. True test will be down the road. If you could develop a fast strap system it would be perfect...not that the current system is bad. "
Mark F.
So Far so good
"I’ve only had it a few days, however, when I am wearing my Better Back I feel great. I am hoping with time and wear I will continue to notice improvement in my posture. It is already helping with my back pain."
Karrin T.
BetterBack experience
"Katherine: Sorry I haven't gotten back to you about my experience but after I received BetterBack I adopted a new puppy and she got sick so I really wasn't able to start using BetterBack until yesterday. I can say that it is wonderful when I am using it such a relief to my back and I am excited to see how much better my back/posture get as I use it on a regular basis. I have tried other back products but I found relief at once when using this. Will keep you advised. Thank you. Susan Young"
Susan Y.
Product is Great!
"The BetterBack Therapy is very comfortable and healing. It is also very mobile and convenient to take anywhere."
Marcellus D.
Great product and service
"It does make you fill a lot more confortable when sitting for a long time and the posture fills better as well. 10/10 on the service."
Great product!
"I barely ever have ergonomic chairs where I work. BetterBack makes sitting anywhere super comfortable!"
Gamithra M.
GREAT so far!
"I'm working on it!"
James T.
"I’ve had SI joint pain since my first pregnancy.....45 years ago! That’s a long time to have flair ups of back pain. Over the years I’ve had extensive physical therapy, water therapy, yoga,massages, pain cream, muscle relaxants, ice and heat. I have purchased every back brace, SI joint belt, back massager, and seat pillow on the market! I even have my own Dr. Ho tens machine. As you can see, I am a professional back pain sufferer! Not anymore! My most recent flare up has been since Christmas. It’s been debilitating, Although I was still active and mobile, I was in constant pain! My Doctor ordered an X-ray and made appt with an orthopedic surgeon for evaluation and steroid shot. That evening I saw a story on the internet for Better Back as seen on Shark Tank. I was skeptical, but I ordered it immediately! Two days later it arrived, wore it for 15 minutes ( while husband pointed and laughed at my newest back apparatus) but, NO EXAGGERATION....BACK PAIN GONE. I’ve not had a twinge of discomfort since January 23. No one can believe how pain free I am walking and sitting! Yesterday was my appt. with orthopedic surgeon... X-ray showed mild arthritis in SI joint, but since pain level was O... no steroid shot or follow up appt! After telling the Dr. about Better Back...she took down the information to buy her husband and mother each one for Valentines Day! Thank you from “ the bottom of my back” ❤️ Karen Smith"
Karen Smith
Lower Back Pain is GONE
"The BetterBack Plus made my lower back feel better immediately. I took it to my chiropractor and she gave it her seal of approval. I carry it with me everywhere. This is the best investment I could possibly have made for my aching lower back. "
Best back support we've found
"I participated when this was being crowded funded and bought 2, one for me and one for hubby, as we both have back issues. They aren't kidding about 15 minutes making you feel better. When my back is twinging I put this on and sit and it really does relieve the pressure and give me a second wind. Hubby says the same. He wakes up in pain, goes to his desk chair and uses this and can make it the rest of the day with minimal pain. "
Heather Dryer
I think it is going
"I think it is going to help. I have a very serious bending with my back. I cannot walk straight, I have a question about the clip that is suppose to bring your knees together, it seems like it is not on correctly. It will not hook together.. I am using as is without that feature., Do not know how important that is but suggest that you check you assembly operafions. If this helps i will be very grateful but I know it will not be a fast process."
Loretta B.
Better Back Really Works!!
"I've had the Better Back for several days now and have worn it off and on throughout each day. I'm loving it! I believe it is helping to return my posture to a more correct posture. I have a pretty severe "S" scoliosis, (both upper and lower curves). Wearing this brace has relieved the aching feeling that I have most of the day. I'll definitely continue wearing this with my coffee every morning!"
Sigrid Cox
"It’s only been a couple of weeks, but so far so good. Probably more effective to combine it with upper body posture corrected."
Daniel H.
Back pain
"It is comfortable for a while—-but not after 15 minutes or so less comfortable. Only helps while on"
Patricia C.
"This has really made a difference in my back pain. I highly recommend it."
Elizabeth B.
Peanut posture works!
"Yes, I bought the peanut posture and I feel the muscles of my back are much more relaxed"
Francesca C.
Still early but so far so good
"I think it’s improving my back! It’s only been a week, the first couple uses gave my back certain pains and felt like I really needed to crack it a lot but I assumed it was the correcting which was doing that. Now it feels great and I think it’s helping fix it!"
Raymond G.
Surprisingly effective
"I purchased Better Back in hope, rather than any real expectation. To my surprise, once I figured out how to wear it properly, I became aware of how comfortable my low back felt, and how significantly my posture improved. I need to continue doing this regularly for a long term effect, but the start is good."
Philippa K.
Work from Home Dream Product!
"I am a software consultant who works from home when I am not traveling. Each day I sit at my home desk, strap into the Better Back and start my day. There has not been one day since receiving the product that I have not used it! It has made such a difference in my back after sitting most of the day. I haven't brought it along yet on any of my travels, but each time I am on an airplane I think how much I should have packed it - it's compact enough to fit in a medium to large purse/backpack carry-on. I loved this product so much that I bought it as holiday presents for co-workers and my parents. Thank you BetterBack! "
Bought Years Ago as a Student and Big Difference Without One Now
"I first backed the BetterBack kickstarter in hopes of finding a product that can help me during prolonged periods of studying. I know that there is no substitute for mobility and stretching but the BetterBack was the solution I was looking for. I used it frequently, and although it took a little bit of time to get used to and to adjust for the appropriate strap length, I managed to put it on comfortably in well under a minute. BetterBack was a big help while I was preparing for my licensing exam and allowed me to maintain an appropriate posture during my studies. Unfortunately I had left my BetterBack at an ex's house prior to a breakup and I do not foresee getting it back any time soon (she was a fan too). I will be a repeat customer in the near future. Would recommend!"
Instant results. Love it!
"Stimulated posture awareness immediately."
Timothy V.
This was my 2nd order
"This was my 2nd order of BetterBack. It greatly alleviates my back and neck pain, I'm a therapist who sits all day long and this is such a relief! My only suggestions would be to make it easier to zip up, it's rather hard to do, and to somehow make it easier to keep the clip in place between your legs, it seems to slip out with the slightest movement"
Joyce W.
Better Back works Immediately to reduce back pain, spasm & Structurally Aligns your spine naturally.
"Yes Immediately started working very first time !"
Dr R.